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Forget thinking it’s born in you, confidence is built like a bridge through you over to… true happiness
How about that?
It is a contrast to the born with or without it lie

He said do it till you can’t and then do it again
Little did he know having him as a friend, makes me feel confident and makes me feel I can win

So he’s teaching me to win
And knowing him is a win

No pedestal
No one’s perfect – he taught me that too!

Maybe refresh is a better word than taught – life already gave me that lesson
Believe me

He told me just do it like Nike – calling on my inner Colin, Kaepernick
Risk throwing it all away, to get money as long as an arm – because I would have learned how to earn
– and I will then know I’ll grow it back anyway
I have the grind of a dance that’s too close

And I know if I need him he’ll never be ghost


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