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Sorry I let the friendship die
This shouldn’t be made public it’s between you and I
It’s personal, and it went sideways
Had me thinking we weren’t meant to be together for always

We let it fade
And now we are gathered here today
To bury the deceased
You’ve heard the terms, rest in power, rest in paradise, rest in peace
The R.I.P.’s but wait, let me see is it
Is it destiny
What was meant to be?
Did they rip something from my chest, like a baby stopped from breastfeeding
When’s the last time I had a friend I called best, who I see and feel as connected as synchronized breathing
But wait, that thought is so shitty
I don’t have a best friend, I have a best inner circle – they do it by committee

We are wired to avoid getting hurt
It’s built into us – ALL
I’m so primal in that sense
Try as I might
I was convinced I wanted people to leave me before I got hurt,
I had a trick up the sleeve of my shirt
I’m bad at pushing people away before they hurt me – I’m too nice
But I’m petty and I used to feel holding grudges was my vice
I once thought all my friends would leave if I stared at them the wrong way
But I’m a young, handsome thief, I stole their hearts and they got lost in my eyes anyway

But are we conditioned to not get hurt?
Scraping our knees as a pre-teen
Engages our playing it safe gene
Let’s play free

We are social creatures
We can be superficial and choose partners off of their facial features
But at least there’s criteria
Do we just choose friends based on who is in the area?
Grab the closest warm-blooded mammal moving
Never forget – who is in your life is there for the choosing

Why the hell I gotta roam, like a cellular phone
I know who to call, I called out for her all along

Mama – I’m coming home!

Why the hell I can’t pick up that roaming phone and tell a friend let’s catch up
I’m a great catch as a friend and there are many roads, maybe this was a sidetrack
Our friendship’s about to make a comeback

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