They’ll step on your boots, no matter what size shoes you use
They’ll get a kick out of kicking your ass
You could be doing something as innocent as counting your daily steps
They’ll make you feel like an underappreciated step child – that never feels the love
They are so arrogant they are high stepping, they think you are bringing a knife to a gun fight – and that’s the wrong weapon
They are a season that needs to be weathered

Don’t fall for them like the orange leaves on a tree in autumn
Leave them instead
They are waiting for you to make a mistake
Like not getting your facts straight
So don’t give them a chance
They insult your intelligence, observing you at a superficial glance

Don’t admire them too much or you’ll never advance
One day you’ll pass them like an exam – cuz you know you did it with class
They can be as stubborn as a mule, they see you as a small timer
They are convinced you are a fool

Let me break down a few golden rules

I’m not a small timer – check the big clock
It’s my time, it’s not the dying seconds
I’m alive and kicking like I’m Portuegese and named Cristiano
I’ll tell you when it’s time up – I’m like him with a penalty lined up
I get it done in the nick – of time
My value will never be determined by counting nickels and dimes
Telling me I haven’t accomplished
I have inner strength – steroids push-ups, life has pushed and I pushed back
I’m no push over
So you can keep giving me the cold shoulder

Count me out – I get a kick out of it
I’m just gonna keep punching the clock and counting my blessings

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